Exciting products for wild men!

Kidpad.org is all about finding your inner Kid. Fun and exciting sites geared to men who are into staying young. We will feature exercise websites, clothing websites, workout gear sites, swimwear sites and other places where men can find interesting items to keep them looking good and feeling great.


One of my favorite sites is all about extreme men’s swimwear. Erotic and exotic swimwear designs for men which include bikinis, thongs, G-strings, micro shorts and even pouch only designs. This site is very adult in nature since all the models are shown wearing these wild suits. Some of the designs expose quite a bit of skin and this site is definitely for men and women 18+. I enjoy wearing these skimpy styles and I hope you have as much fun on their site as I do. There is a whole bunch of male eye candy and swimwear designs that will keep you looking young and sexy!


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